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  • Why Northern Cyprus?
    Its old-style charm, warm community and spectacular beauty, good climate, food, remarkable history, lovely beaches, fauna and flora, unique blend of English and Cypriot traditions, its charming and friendly people, all contribute to making North Cyprus a magical place. North Cyprus is one of the last unspoilt destinations in the Mediterranean. Miles of natural coastline with golden beaches and hidden coves, an island with long hot summers and short mild winters, a food lovers paradise with an abundance of restaurants serving fresh local & international dishes.
  • Are there any shipping agents in North Cyprus and do you recommend any?
    There are many Shipping agents working between the UK and North Cyprus, shipping as little as one or two boxes or offering a full house door to door service. Costs are calculated by the cubic meter – we have a list of expert agencies that will be happy to assist you.
  • Can I get a Mortgage for any of your properties?
    Yes, We are now offering mortgages on ALL our properties!, regardless of type of property, price or title deed. Until recently it has not been possible for British citizens to obtain a mortgage on property in Northern Cyprus. We are now able to help arrange mortgages in Northern Cyprus for any completed or off-plan property in conjunction with WB Finance and Garanti Bank. Here are the key terms and features of the mortgages. Amount of loan: Minimum - £10,000 GBP (Ten Thousand Pounds Sterling) Maximum - No Limit. Percentage of Loan: WB Finance - Maximum 50% of the purchase price. (Available for all our properties, Completed or Off-Plan) Garanti Bank - Maximum 70% of the purchase price. (Available for completed Turkish Title properties) A mortgage offer will be made and money can be drawn after the borrower has paid their share and the controlling architect or civil engineer confirms that at least 50% of the construction has been completed. (Applies to WB Finance only) Term: WB Finance - Minimum - 5 years / Maximum - 10 years. Garanti Bank - Minimum - 5 Years / Maximum - 20 years. Interest rates: WB Finance - 8% Garanti Bank - Normal bank rates apply at time of application Additional Fees: £50.00 GBP - non refundable administration fee is payable with the application. £200.00 GBP - Solicitor fees for preparing and registering the charge. 0.5% Valuation fee (£250.00 GBP minimum charge) Capital & interest repayment method Arrangement, early settlement and lenders fees apply We have already obtained successful mortgage applications that have been accepted, approved and are now nearing the end of their terms. For further information Click here and Contact us.
  • Can I pay for a property from overseas?
    Yes, with a simple bank transfer either via Imperial Constuction’s HSBC customer account or through your North Cyprus solicitor.
  • Can I purchase more than one property in Northern Cyprus?
    If you do not hold a T.R.N.C. ID card (kimlik) then you may only own the title deeds for one North Cyprus property. A married couple can only hold one title deed between them.
  • Can we fly directly into North Cyprus from the UK?
    At present, all flights into 'Ercan Airport' must land in Turkey for approximately 45 minutes. You will NOT be asked to leave the plane and reboard another. This is simple done to pick up passengers from Turkey. There are an increasing number of people flying direct into Larnaca or Paphos airport in South Cyprus, making it even easier to visit North Cyprus.
  • Can we use a solicitor from the UK or any other country?
    It is required that you appoint a solicitor registered with the Bench in Northern Cyprus .
  • Do I have to apply for permission to live in Northern Cyprus?
    When you arrive in Northern Cyprus you are automatically given a 90-day tourist visa and if you intend on staying beyond that date you must apply to the immigration office for a temporary residency permit. Afterwhich, you are required to submit an application to apply for permenant residency in North Cyprus.
  • How can I pay for my utility bills if I'm not in North Cyprus?
    You can pay electricity and phone bills by standing order. Water bills can be paid in advance at the local Council in North Cyprus.
  • I am interested in renovating an old property, can Milano Homes Cyprus help with this?"
    Yes,Milano Homes Cyprus specialize in both new residential developments and renovations. Over the years we have renovated a number a properties, bringing them up to modern standards whilst maintaining their traditional Cypriot architecture.
  • If I buy an ‘off-plan’ property, how will I know when my payments are due and how will I make payments?"
    An Milano Homes Cyprus representive will notify you when a ‘payment stage’ of construction has been completed, these stages will be clear on your contract. If you have an email address we will email you pictures for confirmation. We advise that all payments should be made through Imperial Construction or via your solicitor.
  • If I decided to sell up and return to my country of origin, are there any tax implications in North Cyprus ?"
    At present, your first sale is tax-free so there are no taxes to pay and no restrictions on repatriation of funds.
  • Is there an International School for my children to attend in North Cyprus?
    There are many schools in North Cyprus that follow the UK curriculum with nurseries, secondary schools, colleges and universities recognized worldwide.
  • What additional costs are involved when purchasing properties in Northern Cyprus?
    Solicitors fees for processing your entire purchase transaction will vary between £1,000 and £1,500. Buyers tax is 6% of the valuation made by the North Cyprus Land Registry Office (In most cases this is considerably less than the purchase price). Buyers have the option to pay only 3% purchasers tax for any one property in North Cyprus. V.A.T is 5% of the valuation made by the North Cyprus Land Registry Office and is payable on most newly built North Cyprus properties. These taxes are payable when you receive your title deeds. Stamp duty is 0.5% of the property sale price and is payable within 30 days of signing your contracts, your solicitor will usually be able to arrange payment of this on your behalf.
  • What are the different Title Deeds in Northern Cyprus?
    The various types of title deeds in North Cyprus are as follows: 1)Foreign Title Deeds (Pre 1974) (Freehold) - This is for property owned by other European residents (Italy, Spain & France) and the title deed is internationally recognised. 2)Turkish Title Deeds (Pre 1974) (Freehold) - This is for property owned by Turkish Cypriots prior to 1974. Non-Cypriots are limited to one donum per person. 3)TRNC Title Title Deeds (Freehold) - This is for property that was previously Greek Cypriot owned prior to 1974 but given in exchange for land lost on the south.
  • What documents will I require if I purchase a property in North Cyprus ?
    You only need your passport when purchasing a property in Northern Cyprus, if you are not able to be present when your contract is signed then you will have to leave your Power of Attorney with a trustee or your solicitor so that they may sign on your behalf.
  • What if I wanted to purchase land and have a property built for me in North Cyprus?
    Through years of experience we have worked closely with many local land agents and pride ourselves on being able to find the best spots in all regions around Girne (Kyrenia). Just tell us your requirements and we can easily find the land to suit you. We also work closely with award winning architects in North Cyprus who can help you design and build the house of your dreams.
  • What is a Donum?
    A donum is the measuring system used to measure land. One Donum is approximately one third of an acre or to be exact: 1,338m² or 14,400ft². Land measurements are generally calculated in donums, evleks and square feet. There are 4 evleks in each donum and 3,600 square feet to an evlek.
  • What is the cost of living in Northern Cyprus?
    In general, the cost of living is cheap in Northern Cyprus and for an average apartment you can expect to pay as little as £200 annually for electricity and water bills. Eating out is very good value for money. There is a large variety of restaurants offering everything from traditional ‘Full Kebab’ and ‘Meze’ to authentic Indian, Chinese, Italian & French cuisine. Not to mention the numerous cafes and bars that you will find dotted all over the island. You can expect to pay less than £20 per person for a meal with a bottle of wine. Everyday shopping is extremely easy. There are several large supermarket chains that sell many leading British branded products. These imported items can be slightly more expensive but you will find Turkish produced items much cheaper with fresh fruit and vegetables in abundance. Alcohol and tobacco is also extremely cheap.
  • What is the Purchase Procedure for Buying Property in North Cyprus?
    The simple procedure of buying property in Northern Cyprus has enabled the buyer to be on their way to owning their own piece of Cyprus in just a matter of days. Firstly, we suggest that you appoint yourself a solicitor. You can use a solicitor of your choice, or we will happily recommend you one we have worked closely with in the past. Grant your solicitor 'Power of Attorney' to handle matters relating to your property purchase and to help you with checks relating to the validity of the title deed. The Power of Attorney must be registered and signed before a local Notary. A contract is then drawn up by your solicitor, covering the terms of sale, price, payment plan, construction timescale and any extra requirements. If you are unable to stay in Cyprus to sign the contract, then the contract can be emailed to you and only once you have approved it, will your solicitor proceed with the purchase in your absence. Then you will be required to pay the agreed deposit. Afterwhich, your solicitor will apply for your Purchase Permit from the Council of Ministers. We will keep you updated on the progress of your property and send you regular photos of completed works. If you have chosen to purchase using our 'stage payment plan', you will have 14days within which to pay the agreed installment. Once your property is complete and your purchase permit has been approved, you will be required to pay any agreed retention payment, at which point, the title deeds will be transfered into your name and your taxes are payable. Now you purchase is complete and you can enjoy your new mediterranean lifestyle.
  • What is the time difference?
    North Cyprus is two hours ahead of British GMT.
  • Where can I get help with making an application for temporary residency?
    We can put you in touch with a local independent advisory service in Northern Cyprus that will be able to assist you in making your application to the Ministry of Immigration for temporary residency.
  • Who will process all the paperwork for our North Cyprus property sale?
    We advise all of our customers to appoint an independent solicitor to handle the administration for your transaction. You may use any solicitor of your choice but we feel it is important that your solicitor speaks the same language as you do. We can recommend a number of independent and reputable legal representatives. Click here for a list of recommended solicitors.
  • Will I be able to apply for a T.R.N.C. ID card (kimlik)?
    The law states that foreigners must be a resident in North Cyprus for 5 years before they may apply for a kimlik card.
  • Will I have to make a new will in Northern Cyprus?
    We advise you to make a new will once the property is registered in your name, as your property in North Cyprus is not covered on your original will. This is a simple process and can be handled by your newly appointed solicitor.
  • Will I need a visa to travel to North Cyprus?
    If you have a valid passport, you will automatically be issued a three month visa. However, if you wish to stay longer, a visa extension can be obtained or alternatively you may apply for residency. Once residency is obtained you may stay on the island for as long as you like.
  • Will I need medical insurance?
    You are not required to take out medical insurance in North Cyprus. Most foreign buyers find the local medical care to be very adequate and extremely reasonable with prescription drugs being considerably cheaper than the UK.
  • Will I need to open a bank account in Northern Cyprus ?
    A bank account in Northern Cyprus is not necessary but it can be useful for standing orders etc.
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