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Northern Cyprus The World Safest Place.

Considering to invest in properties or buy your own dream home for retirement. It’s highly important to know before hand how safe the place is in guaranteeing security over the proprieties as well as your own personal peace of mind. The friendly environment of the island the main factor to any developer for guarding the business or warding off danger that will be associated with the property which you have invested in.

Please, welcome to Northern Cyprus, the “Jewel island” that guaranteeing you not only security, safety but, awarding the value for putting your money into a right place when investing into immovable assets like the piece of land or residential property. Security is an important factor for your investment in order to make it a safe base. As the world becomes globalised entirely and the minimise the barriers to trade and investments among the societies. Overseas property has never been a more realistic acquisition those days, like we did now. However, you must have your eyes open to places that have all the important security prospects in order to make your property investment safe and generate more profits.

It's always good when woke up each morning by the soaring waves of the blue sea as well as having assurance from peaceful neighbourhood, street and even the who country.

We at the course of events where many nations under security fragility, regional conflicts, high crime rates and unstable democracies that raise a serious concern and most importantly not the best option for a new investment. Compared to what goes on in many other parts of the world, a recent research study has shown that Cyprus is one of the safest countries in the world as indicated in Global Index. The island nations of Cyprus actually came in 5th worldwide out of 106 countries that were included in the study as the safest in the world. It is listed as the number one safest place to reclaim for retirement and reclaim your new permanent place. It also had noted for having best life expectancy, police protection, fewer traffic deaths, thefts and assaults as well as CO2 emissions.

Nowadays, investment properties in Northern Cyprus are considered lucrative, particularly for those seeking to invest in international real estate assets. The stability of the island has made real estate market worthwhile and more significantly with low prices and yet high valuable properties that caught the eye of many international property investors. Therefore prime properties, both along its beautiful shores and other serenity places, are literally hunted down. Hence, wasting time, is not the best idea for serious investors who wishing to find a pathway into EU’s real estate haven.

The coastal areas and industrial regions are obviously targeted, investors should also check for bargain properties like "Turtle Tittle Deeds" in more secluded or remote villages. As soon as those areas would be fully exploited – which is bound to happen within the next few years, where the prices of such properties will sky rocket in value market. On the other hand, those of you that need immediate returns and stable revenue should turn their interest exclusively to seashore real estate – or, alternatively, to areas neighbouring golf courses and nature reserves. Such regions guarantee brilliant and steady rental returns, as tourists storming the areas in ever growing numbers, especially during each season.

Therefore, asking help from a trustworthy real estate agency like Milano Homes Cyprus with a wealth of experience and know-how to make sure everything goes well, this would be wise, especially regarding the legal aspects and relevant regulations. We will be more than happy to provide you with any kind of help or information you may require to successfully conclude your investment, whether it concerns the issuance of a permanent residency, or the acquisition, investment or development of property in the island.

To sum up, the island nation is an ideal place to call home in many ways for such a safe environment for families to live and work.


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