GIFA representative official handing out food aid to the elderly woman

GIFA Holding Ltd continues with its FOOD AID program that was initiated a few years ago to lend assistance to the local community and provide food security for the needy families living in the remote Karpaz Area, is continuing even this time of the global Pandemic COVID-19.

GIFA Holding Ltd also distributed basic food parcels to over 200 needy families living in Büyükkonuk, Güzelyurt, and the surrounding villages and still doing the same national responsibility since 2017.

GIFA's Food Aid program, which was first initiated in the Karpaz region and extended to other regions. GIFA Holding has started a feverish effort to make sure that the help it will provide goes to families in real need. GIFA's aids have put some smiles on most families' faces.

Families who received the aid have shown their satisfaction and thanked GIFA Holding for its generous and called for the government and other business entities to show the same care.

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