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Summer Holiday In Northern Cyprus

Turkish holiday makers plus international tourists are flocking to the island.

Northern Cyprus recently has been ranked the 54th member of the World Health Tourism Congress. The island’s weather is very excellent for the elderly even toddlers. Our ambitious plan as an estate agency is to attract more tourists, especially from those countries with long winter seasons. The Scandinavian nations like Finland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland and others which are the most coldest places and got a very harshest winters on the planet earth, would enjoy the Mediterranean island with its wonderful tropical summer weather.

The general purposes for every tourism brokerer is to invite friendly people and make them feel at home and so that they stay even much longer than ordinary tourists.

About 10% of visitors to Northern Cyprus, the overwhelming majority are Turks from the mainland who do their vacations to the island. There are numbers of visitors from central Europe who now then frequenting the Northern Cyprus' hot-spots such as Girne (Kyrenia) and Magusa, which are the rapidly growing cities on the island with foreign exchange and properties investment. I should attest that the future prospects for property investment, education and tourism industry are still remain positive.

Many people who visited Northern Cyprus before tend to think the tourism in the island is all about “sun, sea and sand.” in fact the glory of the Aphrodite island is limitless. "We have to start talking about other factors in the tourism sector like history, nature, sport activities, and harvest tourism. In fact we have already started focusing on these activities. said Dr. Fikri Ataoğlu the tourism and environment minister of Northern Cyprus.

Education & Trading Hub The island have a sparrow of 100,000 students from all over the world and the academic institutions on the island they highly equipped and manned by well educated professors and lecturers. Dr. Muhtaroglu, undersecretary of the state planning organisation quoted 'saying there were about 122,000 people living in the north who were either foreign students, foreign workers or foreign residents, bringing the total population to 352,000'.

Muhtaroglu said the statistic studies was being carried out on the projected population for 2018, adding that the figures would increase due to the expectation of more foreign students to enroll at local education centers.

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