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Tropical Beaches

Cyprus is the only country in the world which has the honor of being called Aphrodite’s birthplace. Though geographically, as an island in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus falls under the Asian territory but still it is known as a European nation politically. The forested valleys and mountains, the gorgeous beaches and the warm climate make it the perfect getaway spot for newlyweds.

The Northern and eastern shores of North Cyprus are lapped by the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean. All along the coastline are bays and beaches where swimming and sunbathing can take place the whole year round.There is some beautiful coastline in the Kyrenia area and many different beaches to choose from. There are sandy beaches with many facilities or quieter more secluded beaches for those of you who want to be alone. Most beaches provide excellent conditions for swimming and snorkeling

Long Beach

Long Beach is an amazing coastline that stretches over 3 km between the Famagusta city and Bogaz. It’s located in 15 km from Famagusta which is only 10 minutes to drive. A fish restaurant is situated right behind the sand line as well as a supermarket. It is not a problem at all where to park you automobile, a new parking is available for tourists.

Precisely this beach is considered to be the best place for a family holiday! Here you will find new playgrounds for kids, bike and walking paths. For fans of active recreation there are many alternatives, such as windsurfing, paragliding, scuba diving and many others. Nowadays Long Beach is at the stage of dynamic development. In the near future there will be new sports courts, cafes, recreational park and amphitheater.


The Karpaz Peninsula National Park is famous as a breeding location of the Green and Loggerhead turtles and the wild donkeys. A great range of sandy beaches stretched along the south coast and all of them are free of crowds of tourists. Golden Beach, also known as Golden sands, is the ideal place to abstract from the problems and worries, and enjoy the untouched nature, silence and magnificence of the Mediterranean Sea.


Glapsides Beach is located in nearly 5 km from the city and counts as one of the best beaches in Northern Cyprus. It’s maintained by government and free of charge for access, the umbrellas and beds are available. It’s an appropriate place for the amateurs of water sports and scuba divers. Famagusta Beaches has long been famous for its miles of sandy beaches. Some beaches are owned by hotels and have an entrance fee. There are various beaches with beach bars, sunshades and sun loungers. The beaches are safe with some great spots for swimming and snorkeling

Silver Beach is located behind the Salamis Ruins, and is attractive for snorkeling due to beautiful reefs there. This is a quiet and cozy place that also equipped with two cafes, sun beds and umbrellas. Palm Beach provides tourists with a perfect beach fully accommodated with sun beds, umbrellas, the cocktails bar right near the sea. In 60s this coast line was a favorite place for celebrities to spend the holidays here. The beach can be reached easily from the Famagusta Old City.


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