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North Cyprus Some interesting and useful facts and figures.

We have composed the following general information regarding North Cyprus.

Climate The climate of North Cyprus is typically Mediterranean with long dry summers and short, rainy winters. The average annual temperature is 19ºC (66ºF). The temperature in mid-summer can soar over 40ºC (105ºF) with the warmest sea temperature in the Mediterranean, averaging 21ºC (75ºF) . The winter weather is very mild and there is an average annual rainfall of 500 mm.

Language Turkish is the official language however English is widely used and understood in both official and commercial circles.

Time Local time is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Accommodation North Cyprus has a wide selection of accommodation to suit all needs, from 5-star hotels, small family run boutique hotels, motels, self-catering villas, apartments and camping facilities.

Major Towns The capital of North Cyprus (TRNC) is Lefkosa (Nicosia), which has a population of approximately 35,000, this is where the main administration and business centers are. Other major towns include Girne (Kyrenia) a town of touristic importance with a wonderful yacht harbour and historic value. Gazi Magusa (Famagusta) which is a flourishing tourist, industrial and commercial center, as well as being the country's principle port.

Banks & Currency Numerous Turkish and Turkish Cypriot banks have branches in North Cyprus, as well as internationally recognized HSBC branches. Open from Monday to Friday between 08.00-12.00/14.00-16.00 hours (except public holidays). New Turkish lira (YTL) is used as the local currency. There is no restriction on the import of foreign currency into Northern Cyprus. All currencies can be exchanged at banks, exchange bureaus and hotels. Visa card, Master card, and travelers cheques can also be used in place of cash.

Foreign Exchange North Cyprus has a flexible exchange policy. Foreign currency accounts can be opened with local banks, foreign currency can be brought into the country and taken out through the banks without any restriction or control, the source of such income is not investigated.

Household Items and Appliances. Household items and appliances can be bought in North Cyprus at about the same price as Europe. Most international brands and models are available. Also offering a wide selection of hand crafted furniture and antiques.

Running Costs Living costs in the North Cyprus are much cheaper than the UK and most of Europe. There is no rates system or community tax at present. The main costs are electricity which is approximately £15 to £20 monthly per house, water costs the equivalent of £4 per month plus there is an annual council tax of less than £40 (which includes waste collection, pavement, road cleaning, etc). Central heating is rare in North Cyprus but is usually run on gas or oil. Most cookers are run on callor gas (1 callor gas bottle costs approx. £6 and lasts for as long as 2/3 months) for the hob and electricity for the oven. Prices are based on current exchange rates, correct as of August 2006.

Consumer Market The consumer market in North Cyprus offers a wide selection of high quality goods. In addition to locally produced goods almost all foreign brands are available. Items such as local brandy retails at around £1.50 per litre, 1 loaf of bread at 15p, 1 litre of long life milk at 50p, a pack of 20 imported cigarettes at £1.50. Prices are based on current exchange rates, correct as of August 2006.

Electricity and Water supply Mains power is 220/240 volts AC. (British Standard 3 pin plugs are used) Water is by mains supply and in some properties supplemented by wells.

Driving Like the UK, we drive on the left. Road signs are international and easily understandable. Maximum Speed on major roads is 100 km/hr and 50km/hr in built up areas. There are many car hire companies with a variety of vehicles at affordable prices, from £12 per day in the winter to £20+ during the summer season.

Transportation You can travel to North Cyprus by air or by sea. Ercan Airport is 7 miles (12 km) east of Lefkosa, with flights running daily with Kibris Turkish Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines and Atlas Jet. There are ferry-boats operating between ports of Girne and Famagusta in Northern Cyprus and ports of Mersin and Antalya in Southern Turkey. There are daily bus services between the towns and many Taxi firms to get you around in Northern Cyprus.

Employment There is no known unemployment problem in North Cyprus, and the number of registered unemployed people has declined steadily since 1978. The official working week is 40 hours in the winter and 36 in the summer. Foreigners must obtain a work permit to work in North Cyprus.

Pets Pets can be brought into the country from Europe with little hassle. You will have obtain a certificate from a European vet stating that your animal is free of major diseases and has been vaccinated against rabies and show this to The Ministry of Agriculture. Quarantine is approximately 4 weeks with daily visits allowed for feeding and playtime.


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